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Meg Walker is a 23-year-old singer-songwriter based out of Denver, Colorado. Through her Songwriting and Music Business studies at The University of Colorado, she strives to create a more ethical and inclusive musical community for all artists. She has been praised by Grammy-nominated songwriters like Becca Stevens and Music Industry professionals such as Devan Blake Jones from The Voice, Chloe Tang, Michael Acuna, Katie Herzig, and Dango Rose from Elephant Revival for her unique writing and sound. The lyrical content of her music consistently gives a new voice and perspective to the genre and emotions she writes to.  

Meg performs both as a solo artist in the Singer/Songwriter genre and as the lead singer in the genre-crossing Better Band. Meg Walker & The Better Band is Denver's newest band, bringing you the "Better Versions" of all of your favorite Meg Walker original songs and re-imaginings of classic covers. 

Meg is currently working on releasing her first EP “B-Side”, which will tell a story about the experience of love and loss in interpersonal relationships. She will then release a follow-up EP to expand on those same experiences but take a more personal and introspective look at the relationship she has with herself. Meg uses her unique writing and voice to deliver 11 original songs in this emotional and thoughtful two-part EP project. 

For all of the times I’ve felt alone in my life or like I was the only one in the world struggling, there was a song that got me through it. Now, I want to write songs that get people through their tough times and let them know that they aren’t the first or last to feel this way, they aren’t alone, and it does get better.” - Meg Walker


Meg Walker & The Better Band


Previous events

Meg Walker & The Better Band

Globe Hall , 4483 Logan St. , Denver, CO 80216

Don’t miss the opportunity to witness the rise of Denver’s newest musical sensation, Meg Walker & The Better Band at their upcoming show at Globe Hall on October 5th. Doors are at 7 and show starts at 8pm. Tickets are $14 for over 21 and $19 for under 21. Tickets can be purchased on the Band’s Website under “Get Tickets Here”.

$14 for 21 and over $19 for under 21

This event is Meg Walker and Finn O'Sullivan's Junior Recital. Meg and Finn are Juniors in The University of Colorado Denver Singer/Songwriter program who will be playing a compilation of their original songs on Thursday, May 11th. Both ladies will play a 45-minute set of songs they have written during the last 3 years of their studies at UC Denver. The show will be an exciting collaborative event with intimate, emotional, and energized performances from both women. The event is free to the public. Doors are at 6:30 pm with a 7:00 pm show start at The University of Colorado Denver King Center Concert Hall.

Come and have lunch with Meg Walker, The Better Band, and Finn O'Sullivan this Saturday, April 15th! The bands will be jamming out to their new music and playing their set for their upcoming Junior Recital on May 11th. Admission is free to the press!!! That means, free music and free food for everyone who comes to the event and posts about it on social media! We would love for you to be there to enjoy our music and some good eats!

Schedule: Practice with The Better Band (10 am - 12 pm), Meg Walker Junior Recital Preview (12 pm - 1 pm), Finn O'Sullivan Junior Recital Preview (1 pm - 2 pm)



About Meg Walker Music

Meg Walker is a singer/songwriter with a passion as fiery as her hair for lyricism and creating a space for her audience to feel the intimacy of reflection, change, acceptance, and grief. She aims to inspire change on both an introspective and systemic level by exploring the higher level of being experienced when accepting what is: love, belonging, and hope; and letting go of what holds us back: anxiety, external forces, and trauma. As explored in her upcoming EP, “B-Side”, she uses her vulnerable and authentic writing style to connect with and make her audience feel seen through the stories she tells.


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